Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Just some random thoughts about sports that I have had rattling around in my head lately. Pierre McGuire's roster for Team Canada that he had on TSN was pretty much the same as mine actually. I even had Brendan Morrow in my team. Look I know we could take 13 offensive players and there are lots better than Morrow. But you put him with Mike Richards and Shane Doan and you have a line that can shut down the other teams top line, they can agitate and draw penalties, and the can score a little too. You can't just take all the best talent, you have to make a team. Just ask the Dream Teams of recent years. I think if you were to take Morrow out of that mix Toews would be the obvious choice to replace him. Also, Luongo has to be the number 1. He just has to play in his home building and the city he plays in. That to me is a no brainer. And people who are having a hard time with Gagne being on that team. The guy is a point a game guy right now who is coming back from almost a season off and he has a lot of experience at International level. I think he has to be there too.

Ok, so Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich has lost something like 6 billion pounds of his own personal wealth thanks to this global economic crisis. Luckily he still has around 10 billion left. But that is a lot of money to have just up and disappear. I know people all over the world are dealing with this same problem and on a smaller and more impactful scale. I get that people have lost their entire life savings and won't be able to retire and all of that. And it sucks. But this guy in his own little world were he has lost that much money must be depressed. I would be. I think I would pay someone to let me punch them until I felt better.

This has nothing to do with sports but I have just heard that Guy Ritchie's new movie RockNRolla is very good but there is no Jason Statham. It won't be the same without "Handsome Rob" but apparently there was a scheduling conflict. I think he was making "The Transporter 6: Gearshifts and Gridlock" Soon those Transporter movies will just be Statham's character successfully getting a letter delivered overnight. There won't even be any bad guys. Just some road work and a flat tire slowing him down. They have to be running out of story ideas about a guy who drives things places and fights people. In fact, it's hard to believe they got one story out of that.

The Canucks are on fire. What have they won 6 out of 7? What happened to Ryan Kesler? I am loving it right now. They are winning without Luongo playing overly well. What happens when he kicks it into gear? I would love to see a first round match-up with Chicago too which is how it would set up if the playoffs started today. That would be a fabulous series. I am a huge Toews fan and can't wait to see what he does in the post season. He is a big game money type player as we saw at the World Juniors.

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