Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So this is great news. (Because tone is sooooo difficult to convey in a blog I will insert this comment: I am being sarcastic)

The Fort St John Huskies, who clinched second place in the NWJHL last weekend and have home ice advatange in the first two rounds of the playoffs, will start their playoff run IN Slave Lake. That's right folks. Friday night and Saturday sometime the Huskies will play games 1 and 2 on the road. That would mean games 3 through 5 would be played in FSJ the weekend after. Of course those games won't be necessary so the Huskies are losing out on a playoff gate plus will have to shell out for a hotel. All because they couldn't get ice. I am starting to like the enerplex more today to be honest. Surely someone could have booked some ice in anticipation of a playoff game??? Oh well. It looks like Jon and I will get to broadcast 2 first round games instead of just one.

I am now contemplating going to watch the Flyers in Lakeland on Thursday and then finding a way to Slave Lake the next day to broadcast the Huskies. At least it would break up a long ass bus ride into two parts.

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