Thursday, February 26, 2009

Playoff waiting game

Not a lot going on lately as we wait for the playoffs to get back underway. The Huskies are back in action at the NPA Friday night at 8 for game 3 against Slave Lake. The Huskies need to continue to work the special teams that were excellent for the most part and killed off 4 or 5 5 on 3 situations and they scored 3 times with the man advantage. Lots of offense from the back end through the first two games as well which is encouraging and needs to continue throughout the playoffs. The Huskies get offense from Spence and Wongstedt and even Disher has been chipping in with some assists lately and combine that with two very good scoring lines and the Huskies should have a nice balanced attack and that is huge in the playoffs. The top line does need to step up this weekend though and start scoring at a similar rate to the regular season when they were one of the best units in the league. The Huskies have made the NPA a fortress and they rarely lose on home ice, and i don't see them losing anymore games in this series.

The Flyers have been sitting around waiting to play round 2 as they need to find out who they will play next and that depends on Falher and Peace River. Game 5 of that series goes tonight so the Flyers will know who they play next and hopefully when and where they play next by tomorrow. Not sure if we will see Ryan Carter in this next round but if the Flyers do end up with Spirit River in the next round you might see Carter making the trip for a weekend. Matt Shuya was a beast in the first round. A lot of guys scored a lot of points during the series against Lakeland but Shuya had 18 points in three games to lead the team. It's good to see Shuya playing well and hopefully in a series against Spirit he will get his pay back for a broken nose by putting the Rangers to the sword offensively.

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