Thursday, February 19, 2009

Flyers vs Lakeland Game 2 Tonight

Our FSJ Senior Flyers get back in action tonight in Lakeland. Well, technically in McLennan Alberta but they are playing the Lakeland Eagles. The Eagles should be able to find more than 8 guys to play in this game and that alone will make it a little more difficult for the boys from FSJ. I don't see it being a problem for the Flyers even without Troy Hunt. Ryan Bjorklund showed all season what a capable goalie he is and there won't be much of a drop off in goal for the Flyers with Ryan in between the pipes. Kersey was big in game 1, but then who wasn't good for the Flyers? This should be another easy win for FSJ setting them up to clinch on home ice on Saturday. I will try to blog and let you know what happened as soon as I find out tomorrow.

I will do something I don't normally do here, I am going to make a prediction.

10 - 2 Flyers.

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