Saturday, February 28, 2009

I am going to run through the text messages I sent and received tonight on a crazy night in the NWJHL playoffs.

We had game 4 between Peace River and Beaverlodge from Beaverlodge.
Game 5 between Dawson Creek and Grand Prairie from Dawson Creek
Game 4 between FSJ and Slave Lake from the NPA

The texts I received from Dawson were from Jr Canucks play-by-play voice Darren Dupont, from Beaverlodge the texts were sent by Peace River Navigators play-by-play man Damien Gnass. I was sending to both unless otherwise stated.

8:12pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: 2-0 Peace River 5 minutes in.

8:13pm (sent) - 2-0 Huskies 6 minutes in.

8:14pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: 2-1 Peace River .

8:14pm (sent) - 3-0 Huskies All three guys on top line have 3 points.

8:21pm (sent) - 4-1 Huskies Kyle Porter.

8:23pm (received) - From Dawson Creek: 0-0 8 minutes left in 1st.

8:24pm (received) - From Peace River: 2-2. Shots are 16-2 for Navs but game is tied.

8:29pm (sent) - 4-3 Huskies. We started our backup he's made 4 saves.

8:35pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: 1st period summary. 2 to 2 score. Goals by Bagan, Bunn and Dumas twice (for Beaverlodge). Shot 21-7 for Navigators.

8:36pm (received) - From Dawson Creek: 1-0 Grand Prairie after PP goal Atkinson 19:59 mark tipped high out of air.

8:39pm (sent) - 5-3 Huskies after first. 13-11 shots for FSJ. Reffing appalling both ways.

After 1st Period:
FSJ 5 - Slake Lake 3
Dawson Creek 0 - Grand Prairie 1
Beaverlodge 2 - Peace River 2

9:03pm (sent) - 5-4 Huskies. 3 soft goals on backup goalie.

9:07pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Navs up 4-2 early in second.

9:22pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Two man advantage goal for Navs, 5-2 Navs.

9:24pm (sent) - 5-4 Huskies after 2. This would have been like 15-1 until our goalie let in the bad goals.

9:26pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Blades goal late second. Power Play. 5-3 Navs.

9:28pm (received) - From Dawson Creek: 3-1 GP after 2.

9:34pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Second Period summary. Goals from Richardson Smith and Richardson again and Cody Moulds (Blades) Shots 18-13 Navs. Score is 5-3 after 2.

After 2nd Period:
Huskies 5 - Slave Lake 4
Dawson Creek 1 - Grand Prairie 3
Beaverlodge 3 - Peace River 5

9:50pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Blades goal in first min. 5-4 Navs.

9:50pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: 5-5 in third.

9:53pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Tied at 5. Robinson (Blades) break away goal.

9:59pm (sent) - 6-5 Slave Lake MacIsaac.

10:00pm (received) - From Dawson Creek: 3-2 GP 4 min left.

10:02pm (sent) - MacIsaac just took a 4 minute High Sticking pen 6:30 left in 3rd.

10:03pm (received) - From Beaverlodge: Blades power play goal to lead 6-5 10 minutes left.

10:04pm (sent) - Wongstedt ties it 6-6 on PP for Huskies.

10:10pm (sent) - 7-6 Huskies 1 min left. Kole Norris.

10:10pm (received) From Dawson Creek: 5-2 GP FINAL. Dawson is out. 2 EN goals.

10:20pm (received) From Beaverlodge: Blades power play goal. 7-5 with 2 min left.

10:22 (sent) - 7-6 Huskies FINAL. Huskies win series 3 games to 1.

10:23pm (received) From Beaverlodge: 7-5 Final.

10:26pm (received) From Beaverlodge: Third Period summary. Shots 16-6 Blades. 4 straight goals after Navs take 8 penalties.

10:28pm (sent to Beaverlodge) - Good Calls? Or typical NWJHL dodgy reffing?

10:29pm (received) From Beaverlodge: Horrible. 2 Navs players got interference penalties at same time?

So that wraps up a crazy night in the NWJHL playoffs. The Blades come back from 5-2 down to win 7-5 on home ice and force a game 5 tomorrow night in Peace River. Grand Prairie wins game 5 on the road in Dawson Creek, win the the series 3-2.

And the Huskies win a thriller which shouldn't have been a thriller but they got the job done after trailing in the third they rally for the 7-6 win and a 3 games to 1 series victory.

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