Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NPHL Playoffs

I felt like I should provide a list of the playoff match-ups in the NPHL and the NWJHL.

We will start with the NPHL because the Flyers get under way tonight.

1. FSJ vs 8. Lakeland
2. Falher vs 7. Peace River
3. Grand Prairie vs 6. High Prairie
4. Spirit River vs 5. Hythe

The Flyers potential second round match-up if everything were to go according to plan, and it rarely does in the playoffs, would be Spirit River. In fact that Hythe vs Spirit series would be a fun one to watch. Peace River I think has the only shot at the upset in their series with Falher. Don't let the 2 vs 7 rankings fool you Falher only had 4 more points than Peace all season. Everything here should go according to plan setting up a mouth watering second round Spirit River vs FSJ match-up.

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