Friday, February 20, 2009

Huskies start playoffs tonight on the road!

The Huskies kick off their NWJHL playoffs tonight in Slave Lake. The Huskies do have home ice advantage in this series but were unable to get ice time this weekend so they will start with two games on the road and we would assume 3 at home next weekend if they are necessary. They shouldn't be necessary though as the Huskies were purely dominant against the Wolves this season. The Huskies won all five games with Slave Lake in the regular season and only one was close.

Oct. 26th Huskies 4 - SL 3
Nov. 1st Huskies 12 - SL 2
Nov 23rd Huskies 8 - SL 1
Dec. 6th Huskies 6 - SL 3
Dec 7th Huskies 7 - SL 1

That's a total of 37 goals for the Huskies in the five games while they only allowed ten. It is interesting to note that the Huskies haven't seen Slave Lake since before Christmas so we won't know for sure what they have to offer in this series. Plus it is playoffs and so the regular season numbers don't really mean a whole lot. Slave Lake will be looking to put on a show in front of their home fans and do have some toughness in the lineup. The Huskies should win both games but you just never know.

Game time tonight is 8:30 with the pregame at 8:15 on Moose FM. You can listen online at

Game 2 goes tomorrow night we believe at 7:30 I will try to let you know when we have a game time confirmed.

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