Monday, March 16, 2009

Huskies lose 2 in Whitecourt

Well the Huskies gave it their all and they certainly won the respect of the Wolverines fans after gutting out two games in Whitecourt. The Huskies has already played 3 games in a row before jumping on a bus Saturday morning to head to Alberta. So by the time game 2 was wrapped up it was 5 game in 5 days and 7 in the last 8 for these young men. they battled hard though and for long stretches of both games they were playing right there with Whitecourt. Unfortunately, some untimely penalties and a couple of defensive zone breakdowns were the difference in both contests. Game 1 ended 6-1 for the Wolverines with Dan Pappin getting the lone goal for the Pups. They maybe had as many scoring chances as Whitecourt in the game though but they were not able to finish. The problem is if you give Whitecourt 5 or 6 scoring chances they will score most of them. Despite Zack Blain being excellent in both games and making some spectacular saves it wasn`t enough. In game 2 the Huskies actually lead 2-1 after 2 goals from Pappin in the first but in the 2nd period with the score tied at 3 the Wolverines capitalized on a couple of mistakes and before you knew it the score was 6-3. With the score 7-4 thanks to a Kole Norris marker in the 3rd, the Huskies had a PP chance to get back into the game but they failed to convert and moments later Whitecourt sealed the win 8-4.

A Whitecourt fan actually took the time to pop onto the bus after we pulled into the arena on Saturday to tell the Huskies how much respect he had for them after the way they battled in game 1. The fans in Whitecourt turn out in numbers and are smart enough to know that when a team keeps up with the Wolverines they must be good. And to do it after having played so much hockey in so little time shows how much heart and character the Huskies have.

Dan Pappin went with Mitch Ternan I believe in game 3 in the 3rd period. This was a great tilly with Pappin standing in against a bigger guy and delivering a number of haymakers. He also took some big shots as well but was no worse for wear on the bus ride home. Pappin asked me on the bus after the game who won the tilt and I said I had to give the decision to the Whitecourt guy but just barely. Most guys in that situation would strongly disagree and bravado would lead to them claiming they beat the you know what out of the other guy. But not Pappin. Dude is a great guy and he said I was probably right as the Wolverines player maybe landed a couple more punches. The best part was the mutual respect from both players after the fight was over. They were both obviously too tired to go anymore so they tapped each other on the bum and went their separate ways. If only every guy in the league had that kind of class and respect for his opponent.

Games 3 and 4 are in FSJ on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 8. It would not be a surprise to see the Huskies win both on home ice as they are capable of beating the Wolverines. A big crowd would help as will Cody Kalb who seemed a little injured on the bus ride home. If he is out that`s a big blow to the Huskies. If he is in they have a good shot.

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