Friday, March 13, 2009

Huskies advance in game 7 thriller

Wow. What a game. That's what a game 7 should be all about. First of all a big congratulations to the North Peace Navigators and their players and coaching staff. They made the Huskies earn every bit of this series win. And Coach Darcy Haugan is one of the classiest people you could ever meet. I approached him after the game to congratulate him and his team on a great season and a great series and he was gracious and even told me he thought the best team won. What a classy guy I can't say enough good things about coach.

The Huskies started off game 7 flying and dominated the first period taking the game to North Peace. Unfortunately the score did not reflect the way the Huskies played as Bretton Stewart was fabulous making save after save to keep his team in the game. So it was 1-0 after the first period thanks to a goal from Cam McKinnon. The second period was much more even as the Navs began to get their feet moving. The Huskies cashed their chances though and were up 3-zip when Gerry Young found a bouncing puck on his stick with an empty net to get the Navs on the board and back into the game. That's when Dylan Apsassin took over however potting a goal just 7 seconds later to get the Huskies their 3 goal lead back.

That's when the reffing (which wasn't good all night) went against the Navs a little and coach Haugan went off on the ref getting 2 for unsportsmanlike and eventually getting tossed. That is when the fun started. Coach realized he had a chance to get his team going and he took it. He threw sticks, goalie equipment, crates and more onto the ice in the best coach freak out of the season. And it worked. His team scored almost immediately after the pucked dropped to make it 4-2 thanks to a great solo effort from Mitch Kohut.

The third was the perfect period for the Huskies. They closed up shop played great defensively and went home happy. Well not quite. The Navs actually made a game of it after going down 6-2 thanks to goals from Dylan Apsassin Cody Kalb. The Navs then scored two quick ones, Tyler LeMire and Gerry Young with his second, in the middle of the period to get within 2 of the Pups and it seemed momentum was against the Huskies. The score was 7-5 and Dylan Apsassin already had a hat trick. But he wasn't finished. Dylan "The Assassin" Apsassin cashed again for his 4th goal of the game to make it 8-5 and that's how she ended. Cam McKinnon fought Joel Balfour late and we will call it a draw as no one really got a punch off.

This game was fast, physical and had it all. The only thing missing was a penalty shot and we should have had one as Robbie Sidhu was in alone from the red line when his feet were taken out from under him. A clear penalty shot. The ref somehow missed it. He said he didn't see the trip. What on EARTH was he looking at then?????????????? That's unacceptable, and he made it worse when he gave Sidhu 2 minutes for unsportsmanlike. Sidhu was right and the ref should have allowed the youngster to vent. The Navs of course scored on the power play and for a time it seemed like that might have been a real turning point in the game.

Another assured performance from Jordan Walters on the back end. It sounds like Walters, Sidhu and David Green will be making the trip to Whitecourt tomorrow morning.

Good to see Tyson Peterson out on the ice in the 3rd after taking a big hit early in the game and being seemingly out cold. He will be making the trip as well and the only notable absence will be Brendan Smith who is still dealing with a bad shoulder.

And finally a big thank you to the crowd who came it in numbers, I believe 685, and made a lot of noise. The boys have played a lot of hockey recently and don't think that didn't help. The crowd was lead by Brinkworth, Smith and Green who were banging drums all night and there is no way that the crowd didn't help the Pups in the third.

So we are off to Whitecourt.......

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