Saturday, March 14, 2009

Flyers vs Grand Prairie, Game 1 Tonight

The Flyers play a game 1 tonight against Grand Prairie in the NPHL Campbell Cup finals. The Flyers are coming off of a series against Spirit River in which FSJ won in 5. But that series was close all the way and the Rangers gave the Flyers all they could handle at times. The best team won the series as is always the case and now the Flyers can win the Campbell Cup if they can overcome GP. Of course the Athletic's are the only team that beat the Flyers in the regular season and they did it twice. In my opinion those were the worst two games the Flyers played all season but some of the credit for that must go to GP. The Flyers should be ready to go, they should be starting to peak as they are a couple weeks away from the Mac Cup so I think they will win this series and I think they will do it quickly. I know GP has a good team (Jon Zacks doesn't think I give them enough credit) but the Flyers have to start getting to their top level which they reached once or twice in the Spirit River series. They need to reach that level consistently in this series against GP and that spells bad news for the A's. Plus I think we will see Ryan Carter a couple times and he is a difference maker.

Prediction: Flyers in 4

Game 1 is tonight at the NPA. The puck will drop at 8:30 and you should be there. There will be good competitive close games in this series even if the Flyers do sweep GP.

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