Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flyers even series

This was one of those games where I don't think the scoreline really reflected the play on the ice. At times the Flyers seemed to have set up camp in the offensive zone. But that is part of the Athletic's strategy. They are quite content to keep teams to the outside of the ice, tie guys up in front, let their goalies make saves and try to capitalize on mistakes. And that's what they did. The first two GP goals were scored short handed on break aways and both times it was Mike Shipton who kind of got beat to set up the breaks. And both times there was no mistake made by the GP forwards which meant Troy Hunt didn't have much of a chance. Huntsey was good last night as the only other goal that beat him was a bouncing puck that it looked like Paul Wiens kicked into his own goal. Obviously that wasn't what Wiens was hoping to accomplish.

The Flyers got most of their offense from Dustin Kersey who set up 4 goals and Adam Loncan who broke out with a hatty. The first was a perfectly placed shot from the backhand and off the post and in over the shoulder of Dave Larson in the GP net. The second goal was a tap in after good work from Kersey and the third was a professional goal. It was a goal scored by a guy who played Pro Hockey. In alone with just the goalie to beat Loncs came in on the forehand did just a little shoulder fake and shelfed the puck top cheddar with zero back lift. No backlift, just snap shelf. It was a beauty.

The other goals were from Wiens who managed to score one for each team, and Ian Munro who was set up by Kersey on a 2 on 1 and Munro went forehand to the backhand and slid the puck into a yawning cage. It was a nice goal and showed good poise. Munro also hit iron at least twice in the game. The Flyers hit the post or cross bar around 5 or 6 times.

I told Munro after the game that he was a quarter inch from being the best player in the league. He said the only reason he didn't make the show was that he always hits the post too much. It was a funny little exchange. Overall Munro was excellent all night.

So the Flyers won the game in a style you have to play against GP because they are content to allow you so much possession and then try to counter attack. Game 3 in the series goes tomorrow night at 7:30 local time on Moose FM.

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