Sunday, January 18, 2009

NWJHL All Star Game and other musings

So I am sitting here trying to watch the Australian Open and watching what appears to be a never ending interview with Lance Armstrong. Is it possible to be sick and tired of an inspirational story? Also, to the best of my knowledge, Lancer has little or nothing to do with tennis. All I wanna see is Ana Ivanovic. I would also like to see Andy Murray hit the court but for different reasons. It's always nice to see a young up and comer figuring out how to become a champion. I am nursing some sore neck muscles today. It was Kip Noble's birthday today and so we went out and had a couple drinks with the Flyers after the "game." I wasn't even that hung over just an unfortunate combination of events led to some face to face dealings with porcelain. It could have been worse, it is always bad when the waitress responds to a question about what the specials are with the phrase, "triples." It makes for a strong drink.

I guess that Luongo being out wasn't the only problem facing the Canucks. At least Manchester United keep rolling, 10 straight clean sheets and top of the league pending Liverpool versus Everton tomorrow. Gotta love a good Merseyside derby. (Only if Everton win) I shouldn't have to explain myself but my dad is English and has been a United fan since 1958 so I was born into it.

So the All Star game was yesterday and it sounds like it was a big time success. Congrats to the Huskies who took part. The East won the game 8 to 4 and were described in Dave's blog ( as serious and intense. The West came out to have fun and were in a party mood. That sounds like it would be more fun I mean it was an All Star game after all. Dan Pappin had a couple assists, Kole Norris and Jon Spence had goals for the West. Looking at the scoring summary you have to ask where were McLean and Radke from DC? Congrats to Zach Blain as well for winning the goaltending portion of the skills comp. The Huskies return to action this weekend with a home game on Saturday at the NPA when they face Peace River. Flyers versus Spirit and Fairview could both be pretty good games, Huskies versus PR will be a good game so get out to the NPA all three nights.

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