Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flyers at home against Spirit River

The Flyers take on the Rangers at the NPA Thursday, which is tomorrow as I write this with a puck drop scheduled for 8:30. The last time these two teams met we billed it as the best two teams in the league. Well we found out it was really just the best team in the league and the Rangers are in a group with a lot of other teams that aren't in the same class as the Flyers. Hopefully this next match up will be a better game than the previous two. Not sure what the rosters will look like as guys like Vizutti and Carter probably won't be in the lineup this weekend. Matt Shuya is expected back soon as well but I think this weekend will be too early for him to make his return. With any luck Spirit River will have a full bench, the Flyers will have most of their key guys in the lineup and for once the Flyers will get pushed hard by a team in the NPHL.

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