Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sundin signs

So first of all well done to the Canucks on last nights ceremony. Class all the way around which is what you expect from the Canucks and Linden. It was good to see all the old timers out there as well. I wonder how much Geoff Courtnall spends on fake tanning products? Looks like Sundin has decided to sign in Vancouver. I heard the news from a reliable source about 10 minutes ago but didn't get a chance to blog about it in time to have the scoop. Maybe next time. I will write a little later on about what I think about this signing.


I can't really understand what some Canuck fans seem to have against the Sundin signing. The Nucks are tied for first in their division despite the best goalie in the league missing the last 3 or 4 weeks with a groin problem. They are scoring better than expected but the power play is struggling a little bit. Sundin is a 6'5" 250 pound center who scores a tonne of point on the PP. The Canucks have not had a big physically dominant center in recent memory and Sundin can match up against guys like Joe Thornton. There is still cap room available for GM Mike Gillis to play with (some reports suggesting Vancouver still has as much as 3 million in cap space left) and Sundin has been assured he won't be the last piece added. I know it's a long shot because they play in our division but Gaborik might be available at the trade deadline. Also, with Sundin signing a one year deal the Canucks still have lots of flexibility come the off-season to try and resign some of their own players or go after free agents. (possibly Gaborik)

Are the Canucks a legitimate Stanley Cup contender? If they aren't then only Detroit and SJ are and if they add another top 6 forward then VERY few teams would have a better goalie, better D corp top to bottom and better forwards. I think that Kesler, Burrows and Hansen (or whoever is gets on that other wing from time to time) is the best 3rd line in hockey. The Canucks are now the best team in their division and should make some noise before the deadline to make themselves a legitimate Stanley Cup threat.

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