Monday, December 22, 2008

Huskies vs. Sexsmith Sat. Dec 20th

So I was at my staff Christmas party on Saturday and didn't get a chance to watch the Huskies game. Coach Bob Kalb had called the game a must win when he spoke with Jon Zacks earlier in the week. According to the league website (and I say this because that website is notorious for being wrong) the Huskies won 9 - 3. A good example of the league website being shoddy to say the least, Van Der Merwe let in 2 goals and only played 54 minutes. Who played the other 6? As far as I was aware Zach Blain had already left town to head home for the holidays. And who let in the other goal?

Anyway, that is a good win for the Huskies who sometimes struggle to play to their own level rather than down to the level of their opponent. Cody Kalb and Kole Norris each had 2 goals and an assist. Steve Fast also had a 3 point game with 1 goal and 2 assists. Paydon Wongstedt had a goal and racked up 17 minutes in penalties. Not a surprise as Paydon sometimes losses his composure and gets in trouble with the officials for running his mouth. Good player though so the Huskies need to find ways to keep him on the ice as much as possible. The other thing I noticed when looking at the league website was that Brennan Billey was listed as having played in the game. I will try to confirm that and then tell you what I think about it later on.


Ok so it has been confirmed that Brennan Billey was in the lineup on Saturday and that he has sorted out his work situation which will enable him to play this season. I had thought that the Brennan Billey ship had sailed but apparently we were premature in that judgement. Good player that will most likely skate on the top line. It depends what coach Kalb wants to do but he could make himself one hell of a checking line with MacKinnon and Hildebrand and maybe Pappin. I am not sure what the lines will look like at this point but the Huskies are a better team now than they were on Friday. You just feel they still need a D man or two for some depth. I really cannot wait for the Huskies to take on Whitecourt here in FSJ if they can have a full lineup. I think it would be a game. If the Huskies sort out their troubles on the road and find a way to compete harder every night than they are an elite team in this league.

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