Monday, December 15, 2008

Flyers vs Rangers Thursday Dec 11th

The Flyers had a big weekend taking on the top team, at least in the standings, in the NPHL. The Spirit River Rangers were in town on Thursday at the NPA for what was a highly anticipated tilt. I have to admit that I missed the first ten minutes of the game and was very worried that I would have missed my chance to throw my teddy bear on the ice. I made it in time though, as when I arrived, the score was 1 zip for the Rangers. Craig Venhola had opened the scoring before I managed to reach the rink. From what I saw, and from what Jon Zacks told me once I arrived, Spirit River was the better team and were talking it to the Flyers early on. It was Ryan Carter who got the Flyers back in the game late in the first. With Chad Wilchynski in the box for an interfernce call Kip Noble fed a beauty of a cross ice pass from the right hand point to the top of the left hand face off circle. Carter one timed a rocket up under the bar for a power play marker and the teddy bears flooded the ice.

The second period was when the game turned. Some suspect calls by the referee and some overzealous , and frankly embarrassing complaining from the Spirit River bench (including captain Faron Duthie getting tossed for beaking the ref which was also a little embarrassing) coupled with some strong play from the Flyers combined to find the Rangers down 5 to 1 after 2 periods of play. The Rangers scored twice to start the third and make a game of it but that's when the captain popped one home followed by 2 goals on the PP and Flyers ended up taking an 8 to 3 victory in a game in which they quite frankly didn't play that well. Late fight for Tyler Loney against Trevor Mazurek while I was in the restroom. Jon Zacks gave the split decision to Loney.

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