Saturday, December 20, 2008

Flyers vs GP Athletics Dec 19th

Not much to report from last nights "game" between the Flyres and the Atheltics. Grand Prairie only showed up with 8 skaters and one goalie. The Flyers were a little short benched as well but the still had 3 full forward lines and 2 D pairs. Luke Middleton spent some time playing as a forward and didn't look that out of place. Luke has some pretty good puck handling skills and dangled a couple guys last night. He usually gets in one or two dangles per game. Ian Munro should have scored 5 or 6 and Dustin Kersey did pop in at least 3 maybe more. To be honest the game became secondary to the argument I was having with Jon Zacks. I am not saying that the NHL HAS to change anything but the second assist is kind of a ridiculous stat. And the glowing puck wasn't as bad an idea as people make it out to be and I love the camera angle that TSN uses that is behind the net looking sort of over the goalies shoulder when a team is on the PP. It's a damn good camera angle. Now if only the NHL could get on board with the cable cam. If I was running things...

Anyway, GP's goalie stood on his head and made 7 or 8 spectacular saves. If they could get out a full team it would be a good game with FSJ. It really is too bad when teams show up with short benches, I mean people did pay to watch that. The league needs to do something. I have read that GP is having a hard time right now and that after Christmas they will have more players. Hopefully that is true. For the most part it seems as though most teams are just afraid to play against the Flyers. You would think guys would want a crack at the best team in the league and would want to test themselves against the best. Flyers are taking on Falher and the Huskies are at home tonight against Sexsmith. I will be drinking at my staff Christmas party and hopefully not doing anything that might jeopardize my place at Moose FM.

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